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Building Bridges of Love through sacred sound and the 5 Elements.

Sacred sound is one of the fastest and most effective ways to entrain our vibrational frequency with Love. When we embody Love we are connected with the creative intelligence of the universe and can access information and guidance from our higher self and from the ancient beings who have created our physical bodies and our earth - the 5 Elements Air, Earth, Fire, Water, Ether.

Join sound healer and international Water messenger Danielea Castell for this unique experience of expanded consciousness generated with high frequency instruments - crystal and Tibetan bowls, native american drum and flute, harmonium and shamanic voice.

There will be a short sharing at the beginning and the end of the sound journey.

"It was a very powerful and unexpected journey; absolutely amazing! I was transported to an absolutely beautiful place: a place of natural beauty and tranquility. I was so relaxed driving home that I had to shut off the car radio as it was disturbing my reverie. Unbelievable. Thank You Danielea" DM

- experience deep relaxation and heightened state of awareness
- call on the healing and wisdom qualities of the 5 Elements
- ask questions about a personal situation in your life

"I am a new mother to twin boys. Lately I have found it really hard to connect with myself. This sound journey showed me what I need to do …I need to be with the Earth to get grounded and settle my anxiety.” SL

Investment: $35 per person
Pre-registration required
pay online at www.sunandsage.com or
e transfer to tanyagarland@hotmail.com
Info: 250-983-5077

- yoga mat
- Journal and pen
- closed Water bottle for drinking

You will be lying on a yoga mat for the duration of the sound journey. You can bring an extra mat if you like more cushioning. Bolsters and blankets are provided.

Still not sure if this is for you?
Call Danielea with your questions - 250-981-8067

Danielea is a nature empath, sound healer, ceremonialist and international Water messenger who uses sacred sound, ceremony and public art interventions to help People restore balance and harmony in their lives and with Nature.

Danielea is trained in transformational sound practices from the theatrical, shamanic and yogic traditions. Through her empathic communication with various Rivers and Lakes Danielea developed her unique style of improvised chanting she calls 'sound weaving'. In June of 2018 Danielea was guided to add the Elements Air, Fire, Earth and Ether to her sound weaving because of their role in the transitions happening on our Earth at this time.

More about sound healing at www.oneconsciousvoice.com
Danielea's Thank You Water CD