Image of Elemental Infusion - sound journey with DCastell

Elemental Infusion - sound journey with DCastell

$35.00 CAD


Finding inner balance and harmony with the 5 Elements.

Message from DCastell, sound weaver:

Many of us find it challenging to maintain balance and harmony in our lives. We also recognize the imbalances and disharmony in our outer world. This is where the spiritual principle As Above So Below, As Inside So Outside can feel empowering.

By bringing balance and harmony inside ourselves we serve our own health and vitality and at the same time mirror these qualities to our outside world. In effect we become the change we wish to see in our world.

ELEMENTAL INFUSION is a warm invitation to embark on an inner journey into the heart of harmony.
Drawing on her personal relationship with the 5 Master Elements, Danielea invokes their presence in the room and flows these primordial energies through her medicine music.

Earth Air Fire Water and Ether each have their own healing qualities and you can ask for and receive what you need to BE balance and harmony inside.

Feeling stuck? Ask Water and Air for more flow and spontaneity.
Feeling lost and confused? Ask Earth for grounding and connection.
Feeling toxic and tired of limiting beliefs? Ask Fire to purify them and Water to cleanse and nourish you.
Need a new vision for your life? Call in Ether and Air as your co-creators.

Whatever your challenges these ancient forces are willing to assist us in restoring a world with peace, balance and harmony – on the inside and out.

What is a musical medicine journey?
A meditation accompanied by live inspirational music and chanting using voice, drum, flute, harmonium and crystal bowls.

For this special experience with the 5 Elements we will have an opening share and time after the journey for journaling.
Will the Master Elements really partner with us?
Yes, my experience has shown me ......dcastell

Ask and they will answer.
Offer to serve and they will task you.
Commit to the task and they will guide you.
Serve and they will walk beside you.

- dissolve physical tension and pain, lower blood pressure, clear mental static
- experience deep relaxation and a heightened state of awareness
- gain clarity and guidance about a personal life situation
- peace, grounding, harmony-within

Cost: $35 pp
Limited to 18 places

- Journal and pen
- closed Water bottle for drinking
- a pillow for your head if you like, bolsters and other yoga props available in the studio
- wear loose comfortable clothing

It is common for people to lie down on yoga mats however sitting upright in a chair with a good back support is also recommended.

Danielea is an eco-spiritual artist and musician currently living in Prince George. She creates music, tells stories and hosts nature interventions as an expression of her love and kinship with Mother Earth.

Danielea has been studying Interbeing communication, ethics and diplomacy with Elder Trees and Waters for the past 10 years. She has primary relationships with a salmon-bearing River in British Columbia, a 400 year old Wild Fig Tree in Capetown and a Shiva Mountain in southern India. Together they are committed to supporting Earth Harmony in local communities through deep listening and sharing.

As a musician and sound healer Danielea is trained in Yoga of the Voice and Music Shamanism from the Vox Mundi School of the Voice (2009). She was a Playback Theatre artist from 1990-2000 and has developed an empathic form of chanting she calls sound weaving that brings People, Nature and the Elements together into a communal heart space that transcends traditional species boundaries.

In her improvised sound journeys and performances Danielea uses voice, harmonium, sruti box, frame drum, Tibetan and crystal bowls, native american flute, koshis and sansula. Danielea founded the Water Gratitude Project in 2012 and released her first Water CD Thank You Water in 2017. She is preparing to record her 2nd CD of medicine melodies from Nature in 2020.