• Image of Breath of Bliss – Full Moon & Lunar Eclipse in Cancer Ceremony

The full moon on January 31st will be in the astrological sign of Cancer - a super-charged event that will shine the spotlight on our intuition. It will also be a lunar eclipse! Cancer is the maternal nurturer of the zodiac and we are reminded of the potency of the wisdom of our hearts.

This full moon asks each one of us to take this wisdom of the internal and manifest it into external. Join Carla for a special Breath of Bliss Ceremony to welcome this powerful and transformative Cancer Moon & Lunar Eclipse.

The Breath of Bliss Experience allows you to dissolve barriers to love… gain clarity about what lies ahead for you and discover the truth within. We will enjoy movement, presence, connecting, deep sharing and conscious touch. And then dive into an hour and a half of circular connected breath to discover what wants to be felt, seen and realized within you. No prior experience of anything needed – everyone welcome.

Cost: $57+tx. To register email Tanya: tanyagarland@hotmail.com

What is Breath of Bliss?

Breath of Bliss is a presence practice that connects you to a reservoir of aliveness. Bliss is aroused by traversing the vast terrain of your humanity and returning home to your true essence as Love. By embracing and moving towards the entire rainbow of life experiences and emotions, instead of resisting and moving away, we access euphoric sensations of oneness. This dynamic practice begins with movement, deep sharing, touch conscious loving exercises and sound healing, then deepens as we lie down for an hour of circular, connected breathing. The journey is sensitively guided with empowering messages and stirring music which takes you even deeper into your experience. The result? Powerful, mind-altering experiences of heart-opening and awareness!

What you can expect…
Experience tingling sensations, surrender, connection, emotional surges and forgiveness as you uplevel your vibration. Creative ideas often flood in at quantum speed. Some have angelic visions, mystical experiences and connection with the Divine. Others revisit birth or childhood experiences that have been forgotten. Intense self awareness occurs ~ limiting beliefs which are normally unconscious become clear. From anger to ecstasy, you are encouraged to embrace it all. The illusory walls of separation melt away as you connect with the divine causes of everything you have experienced…

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